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Welcome to ourUSAschools, your national education resource!


In today's fast paced world, you cannot afford to waste time, so we are doing a lot of the work for you.  Our team has spent thousands of hours scouring the internet for information that is invaluable to parents, teachers, administrators and others interested in education.


Researching cyberspace can be both a rewarding and frustrating experience.   The large volume of sites is a wonderful tool, but locating just what you need can be time consuming and frustrating.  


While ourUSAschools cannot guarantee that it will be "everything for everybody"; you will find a broad range of materials and an openness to  input that is unmatched.


To that end, we embrace and encourage your comments and recommendations.   Please help us to better serve you by providing us with your ideas, materials and resources that have been beneficial to you, new areas of interest for us to add, and thoughts about the site.  


You can reach us by using the contact form found here.



One final note:  ourUSAschools does NOT CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE NOR DO WE SELL PRODUCTS OR SERVICES.   A significant amount of money was spent to launch the sites, and our goal is to continually add new articles, research, and additional individual states sites.


The only way we can accomplish this goal is through the patronage of our advertisers.   When visiting our sites, please take a moment to decide if you are in need of any of the products or services advertised on our pages.   THANK YOU!


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