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About Us

ourUSAschools will provide educational resources, at no charge to the public, with information and guidelines for parents, teachers, administrators, and others interested in education in America.

ourUSAschools content is unique by bundling original materials (articles, interviews, etc.) with existing - but time consuming to locate - resources. A network of internet web sites has been developed, starting with ourUSAschools.com and individual sites for each state and the District of Columbia.

How ourUSAschools will achieve this Mission:

Research indicates that no such consolidated resource for education exists today. Current sites either: (1) attempt to sell proprietary goods (including software), (2) are developed by federal and state government entities, or (3) are developed to provide information within a unique "silo" of education issues.

In addition to the new articles, ourUSAschools does the internet resource research for the user. Areas of interest will be pre-school, information to help parents both better understand and help meet their children's educational needs, information to assist the teacher both in and out of the classroom, legal and regulatory links, state and national associations, technology, available free support and documentation, etc.

ourUSAschools has contracts in place with life-long educators, current and former teachers, and other educational thought leaders to write new material and identify the critical and necessary resources.

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