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Today's school administrators wear many hats and are expected to resolve issues encountered regularly by educators, sociologists, non-profit directors, human resource managers, CEOs, and financial executives, just to name a few. We hope that this webpage will provide you with links to resources that provide guidance and assistance in each of these areas. While some of these resources provide direct guidance for use in your curriculum, classrooms, and schools, others provide the opportunity to network and share best practices with other administrators and school officers around the nation and your state. We have researched thousands of websites and narrowed them down to these few that appear to be most valuable. We hope that you find them useful and we invite your feedback.

American Association of School Administrators
Professional organization for educational leaders and administrators.

Council of Chief State School Officers
"Organization for public officials who head departments of education in the US. Site includes information on projects, federal programs, and publications."

An insider's guide to board service for school board candidates
Texas Association of School Boards, free video training for school board candidates. An excellent overview for individuals considering running for your local school board. Also an excellent resource for parents, teachers and new administrators to get acquainted with how a school board operates. Includes a video, presentation slides, and frequently asked questions. [special thanks to the Texas Association of School Administrators for providing this valuable resource link]

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