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Am I Old Fashioned? by Michael Kubik, "I find that I have a recurring conversation with some other parents about what we are "doing" to our kids..." Read More

Wake Up America's Schools by Glen McCandless, "As we open our eyes every morning, our nation's classrooms begin the day in settings remarkably similar to 100 years ago........." Read More

Preschool Goals (From Inside the Classroom) by Pat Stecklein, "What is the most important thing your child should gain from preschool? What should the teachers' primary goal be?....." Read More

Public Schools and Economic Department - What the Research Shows

We acknowledge and thank the Knowledge Works Foundation for permitting us to place the above book on our site. They are a philanthropic organization that funds and facilitates educational initiatives. You can visit them at www.kwfdn.org for additional information.

As a one-stop resource for educational information. We intend to provide you with insightful and useful articles on today's educational issues, ranging from curriculum and instruction to early childhood education to budget and finance. We have partnered with experts in each of these fields who together have more than fifty years of experience. We have asked them to provide articles that will provide you - teachers, administrators, and parents - with practical guidance based on their years of research and experience in the classroom. Please check back often as we hope to add articles on a monthly basis.

We are very proud that one of our authors is a recognized expert in education. Glen McCandless is a consultant and analyst for educational technology (Please click here to reach Glen at Focus Marketing). He offers media analysis, articles, and commentary on trends in the use of technology for teaching and learning. He is also a consultant to computer hardware manufacturers, software developers, publishers of curriculum-support products, and education service providers. Glen is a member of the Association of Educational Publishers and the Software and Information Industry Association's Education Division, and he is a frequent speaker at education-industry conferences. {NOTE: If you do a web search for Glen, you will see over 130,000 "hits", demonstrating his contributions and accomplishments in education for over two decades}.

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