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One of the most important requirements for obtaining a good education is to start with a healthy student. All aspects of a student's health affect his or her education: good nutrition determines ability to focus in class; psychological stability helps students set goals and concentrate on their studies. On the other hand, learning about health and physical fitness at a young age will help the students stay healthy for life. There are thousands of American websites focused on health, and we have searched through these websites and chosen a few that appear to be most valuable as resources for parent, teachers, and students. While many of these provide general health and nutrition information that may be most useful for parents, some other websites (such as girlshealth.gov) are meant to be used by the students themselves.

American Academy of Pediatrics
An extensive website covering all aspects of children\'s health such as vaccines, allergies, diseases, diet, etc.

American Red Cross - Prepare Your School & Students
Kits, Plans, and Information to prepare Students and Schools for emergencies.

Childhood Overweight and Obesity Prevention Initiative
Tips and guidance on staying active and eating healthy. Also includes links to other relevant websites.

Children's Health Center - MayoClinic.com
Short articles on various topics in children's health, including practical advice on diet and fitness.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans
2010 guidelines and links to other reports. Good information in the form of relatively lengthy reports and shorter brochures.

Families and Children - Dept. of Health and Human Services
Includes links to information on general children's health, childhood diseases, dental health, childcare training, and child safety guidance.

A unique website for girls to explore issues ranging from nutrition and illness to body changes, drugs, emotions, relationships, and bullying.

An extensive website covering all aspects of health, diet, and mental wellness for parents, kids, teens, and educators.

WebMD Children's Health Center
Daily news stories and features; tools and charts for healty weight and growth; health glossary; general "Children's Health Guide."

Yoga activities for the classroom and workshops for teachers (some for a fee).

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