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Parents can be one of the most important influences on the development of a child's education and his or her love for life-long learning. Educators often say that support and assistance from parents can be one of their most valuable resources. A solid education will provide the child with strength and adaptability throughout life. Parents face many challenges in life, but within the realm of education, parents face a range of challenges - not only related to homework, schedule, and discipline but also related to improving health and nutrition, finding extra-curricular activities and resources, and joining together with other parents to solve problems. We have researched thousands of websites and narrowed them down to these few that we hope will be most valuable to parents. While some of these resources provide direct guidance for improving the education and health of your child, others provide the opportunity to network with other parents and with teachers and administrators by joining PTAs or other organizations. We hope that you find them useful and we invite your feedback.

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