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Pre-School - brought to you by Be Smart Kids - now available for iPad

abc Teach
WOW! This site has more than 5000 printable resources for parents trying to help their kids with school (lots for younger kids, but also some resources for older kids).

Gail's Preschool Rainbow
Short descriptions and a materials list for lots of learning/fun activities for pre-school age kids. A great site if you are looking for ideas. Ideas are free, other benefits if you join.

Make Learning Fun
Lots of free resources, and links to cool learning tools (for sale). Printable items, arts and crafts and more.

Mrs. Fischer's Kinder-Themes
Lots of resources for parents that are trying to prepare their children for kindergarten. Songs, book recommendations, poems, projects. Everything is listed on one page, so lots of verticle scrolling, but worth it.

Preschool Education
Lots of activities for pre-schoolers. The articles are very good and pre-school targeted. The site uses lots of primary colors which makes it a little hard to read some of the links, but there are tons of great resources.

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