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Be Smart Kids, the early learning system. be smart kids dot comIdeasphere
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Bank of America - Financial Tools
aimed at parents, educating on financial issues. Could be used side-by-side with kids though.

Free on-line library of the Founder\\\'s Constitutional documents. Includes the Constitution, BIll of Rights, Other Amendments, Federalist Papers, etc. Extensive and easy to use resource for students, parents and teachers.

Articles and activities, lots of free information, and a searchable "101 things to do with your grandkids". Also has discounts under "Toys and Gifts" - "Deals".

Excellent resource for both Parents and Students. Includes a broad range of topics with short explanations that are easy to understand.

Math League
This is an on-line math contest site. It is not free and you must sign up to participate.

National Geographic for Kids
activities, stories, games, videos -- all for kids

Young kids/on line games - free

Self Growth
Self improvement, life skills and more are discussed on this site. Included are articles, information from experts, links to other web sites and more in the following areas: Success Skills, Relationships, Health, Fitness, etc. Use this site for yourself, and share it with your children.

TIME for Kids
Colorful on-line TIME magazine for kids; useful ideas for teachers; many resources

Lesson plans and activities help students explore alternative energy sources and become better aware of ways to protect the environment and natural resources. Curriculum for elementary and secndary can be downloaded. No charge for complete DVD if you send for them.

United States Department of Agriculture
USDA provides students, teachers and parents with youth-geared information related to agriculture

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