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Your Child's Education

"Between the Lions" Interactive Activities
Games and other activities based on the PBS show Between the Lions. Includes resources for parents and teachers. The Teachers Domain correlates video segments with curricula tied to national and state standards.

50 States
50 States has information for all the states, including population, state bird, state flag, capital, etc. Also provides free blank state outline maps.

America's Story from America's Library
This site uses activities to teach students about American History, with references to the collections of the Library of Congress

American Library Association\'s Great Websites for Kids
Provides links to reference and eduational websites for children up to age 14. All sites listed have been evaluated by a children\'s librarian and selected for inclusion.

American Memory - The Learning Page - Feature on Elections
This resource provided by the Library of Congress guides students through the history of elections in the United States. Best for students with strong reading skills: Grade 6 and higher.

worksheets/games/flashcards/more to help in math

Ben's Guide to US Gov't
This site is a guide to US government specifically for kids. You can search by grade level or in a section for Parents and Teachers.

Cool Math
An amusement park for learning math. This site is colorful and fun for kids.

Discovery Education
lesson plans/puzzles/good for teachers/parents/free

Ed Helper
EdHelper gives you the opportunity to create puzzles, has monthly theme units, and worksheets. There is information on this site that is free but information that can be purchased as well.

Education 4 Kids
One part of the site has free drills for kids on line/the other part requires membership -- they say at reduced prices.

The site has activities to show your child the fun side of learning- from science experiments and math games to writing projects. You can search by grade and subject matter.

Fact Monster
great on line study/games/different levels and subjects/tables

Fun Brain
K-8 kids/teachers/on line games - free

Hoagies Gift Education Page
Hoagies' Gifted Education Page offers resources, articles, books and links for Parents, Educators, Counselors, Administrators and for Kids & Teens.

Hot Chalk's Lesson Plans Page
free lesson plans/a little more searching and eventually they want you to buy but free examples if you search

How To Study
This is a great site! It has lots of information that is written in a way that kids can easily use and understand. How-to-Study covers a broad range of topics, and seem to hit the major areas that kids struggle with or parents struggle to find quick answers on.

This is a colorful and active "kid-friendly" learning site. It includes games and activities with sound effects.

Learners On Line
An on-line resource for helping your child to learn - provides lessons in all major areas (Language, Technology, Math, Science, Art, etc.)

Library of Congress
This is a site from the Library of Congress. You can search for Lesson plans by theme. Under the theme, it lists lesson plans by grade, topics and titles.

Library of Congress - for Kids and Families
Fun educational sites for kids developed by the Library of Congress

Midge Frazel
powerpoint help/tutorials/parents/teachers

NOAA's Aquarius Undersea Laboratory
All about Aquarius, an underwater research laboratory owned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and operated by the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The site includes information on Aquarius missions and general information about Coral Reef and Marine Biology.

Yahoo Kids!
kids\' on line from yahoo; but fact pages could be used by parents and teachers as well. Very kid friendly!

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